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Proximity Manufacturing

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From January 23, 2018 to January 25, 2018
Inspection Date: January 23, 2018


Branford Group, LLC (The)




1730 W 38th Place
Hialeah, FL, US

Late Model Injection Molding facility with Equipment as late as 2015 Injection Molding Machines from 450 up to 1,000-Ton Plastic Densifier, Pelletizer, Granulators, Blenders Complete 5-Gallon Pail Line and Additional Molds

Injection Molding Machines 2015 UBE 1000W UST ServoMax 1,000-Ton x 185-Oz (2) 2006 Netstal S-4200K-1700, 450-Ton x 32-Oz (3) Netstal S-4200-2150, 450-Ton x 42-Oz Krauss Maffei KM 450-3500 C3, 450-Ton x 62.73-Oz Granulators Nelmor Model 2030HD, 20 x 30, 75-HP Nelmor Model G1830M, 18 x 30, 50-HP Nelmor Model G1620, 16 x 20, 20-HP Plastics Recycling & Support Egan/Johnson 4.5” Single-Screw Extruder Behringer SL60 Hydraulic Screen Changer Berlyn Die-Face Pelletizer Gala 8.1 BF Spin Dryer 2014 L&L Engineering 2731 Densifier 400-HP 2015 Advantage OACS-80D-MZC-3P Air Cooled Chiller 2014 Novatec/Maguire Model WSB-1842-T, Weigh-Scale Blender 2009 Novatec/Maguire Model WSB-1800, Weigh-Scale Blender (3) 2009 Una-Dyn PowerMax 5-HP Vacuum Pumps Hopper Loaders, Surge Bins, Hot Runners and More Turnkey 5-Gallon Pail and Lid Molding, Assembly, and Finishing Line w/ Raw Material Inventory Facility Support Forklifts/Vehicles Injection Molds Inventory