about the industrial auctioneers associationWhen you want to sell surplus machinery or industrial equipment, you have two goals: Sell it for top dollar, and sell it quickly. If you own surplus assets targeted for investment recovery, have an Industrial Auctioneers Association (IAA) auctioneer sell it. Every year IAA auctioneers sell tons of equipment worth more than one billion dollars from virtually every industry and every part of the world. No machinery is too specialized, no industry too obscure.

The Industrial Auctioneers Association is the world’s first and only association comprised solely of industrial machinery and equipment auctioneers. Membership is limited to the world’s most reputable, highly qualified industrial auctioneers who combine unparalleled industrial auction experience with the highest ethical and professional standards.

In addition to auction sales, IAA auctioneers offer liquidation and appraisal services.

We Know What It’s Worth

Our combined experience means we can hit the ground running. We don’t have to waste valuable time researching an industry or market. Our auctioneers know what your machinery & equipment is worth, be it a boring mill, injection molder, ultrafiltration system or any of the thousands of other highly specialized machines IAA auctioneers sold last year. We know the value of virtually any piece of machinery because we deal in the market every day. Come auction day, we work to maximize the return to the seller. We also offer appraisal services.

We Know Who Will Buy It

the IAA knows what's most importantFinding an audience of potential user/buyers, especially of highly specialized industrial equipment, requires a breadth and depth of manufacturing knowledge. It requires an understanding of market trends and conditions, as well as machinery uses and prices.

IAA auctioneers use their extensive knowledge to target potential buyers. We maintain worldwide proprietary customer lists with markets including North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the middle east, central, south and east Asia.

We Work Ethically and Professionally

IAA auctioneers maintain the highest integrity in dealing with both buyers and sellers. The IAA requires members to maintain the highest levels of professional conduct, as well as have extensive experience in marketing and moving equipment. We assure prospective sellers they’ll work with the best our industry has to offer.

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